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Apart from small private pools in rented holiday homes, I haven't swum in a pool for years. I know the last time, although I can't date it more precisely than 'when [ profile] kauket still lived in Oxford' (five years ago? Maybe longer; not sure). We went to aquarobics, with [ profile] bluedevi. It was fun, and we agreed to go again, and then failed to do so.

I always hated the evening swimming sessions. They're packed, and to get to them, I had to leave the house again after getting home for the evening, which I can only ever be bothered to do for things which feel less like hard work. And the pre-work sessions are somewhat less packed, but still busier than I like*, and involve sacrificing some precious sleep.

But my schedule these days is much more flexible, so I did some work at home this morning, and then went for a swim on my way into the office for a meeting at lunchtime. The post-swim second part of the bike ride was harder work than usual, but the swim was lovely. I missed being immersed in water. Maybe pool swimming will keep me going until it's warm enough to do more than quick-in-and-out river swimming again.

([ profile] lanfykins, thank you for your swimming posts - they reminded me that I'd decided to give pool-swimming another go now it's too cold to do any actual swimming outside.)

*One of the reasons I love swimming in seas and rivers is that the available water space per person is huge.
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