Apr. 22nd, 2009

triskellian: (eee)
I have discovered that the eeeeeee with its default installation of Xandros won't work with Eduroam (the wireless system used by universities). No problem, I am assured, it works fine with Ubuntu, and there's an eeeee-specific version with handholdy instructions.

So I've spent this evening trying to install Ubuntu on my eeeeeee. After some minor tribulations I have managed to boot my Macbook from a Ubuntu CD (which was a weird experience in itself), but failed to run the script that's supposed to make a USB stick into a bootable thing.

I'm working from these instructions, and it all starts going wrong about the point I'm supposed to be verifying the identity of my USB stick. If I follow the instructions about removing and reinserting the stick, nothing happens. If I just run the script, I get told the directory doesn't exist (and it does, I've checked. It's in exactly the place it's supposed to be AFAICT). Am I missing something? Are there some steps I'm supposed to infer? Can someone write me an even-more handholdy explanation?

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