May. 2nd, 2009

triskellian: (happy)
[ profile] smiorgan and I spent today watching the stage adaptation of His Dark Materials (and bumped into [ profile] pepper_field and her A who were doing the same thing).

The long version (no plot spoilers) )
The short version: loved it, especially the puppets as daemons. All flaws were unremovable flaws from the books, and therefore to be forgiven.

(Sidebar: in the gap between parts one and two, we went for sushi with Pepper and A, but when we got back the theatre doors were locked, with signs saying they were closed for flooding. We had a nervous ten minutes until they opened again, and then sitting in the bar we observed various plumbing contractors and theatre staff walking around looking worried. A lucky escape we had, especially since we could think of no possible remedy for cancelling the show other than giving us our money back - tickets are sold in pairs, and they're on tour, so scheduling an alternative second part might well have been impossible!)

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