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Drive-by linkage: His Dark Materials, Harry Potter and other books redesigned to look like Penguin Classics. Also lots of other pretty and/or interesting art/design, but especially the book covers. Sadly, only for fun, not for production and sale :-(

Goth pasta

Feb. 25th, 2009 05:06 pm
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One of the most memorable things [ profile] smiorgan and I ate on our honeymoon in Venice was risotto nero, made with cuttlefish ink - which really did make the whole thing black - and ever since then I've vaguely been looking for somewhere to buy some and attempt the same thing at home.

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner in Carluccio's in Bicester, and the deli was still open after we'd finished eating, so we wandered around looking for yummy things to buy, and I found cuttlefish ink! My companion was rather baffled by my extreme excitement over a small and unassuming box, but last night's dinner (and today's lunch) proved that my excitement was entirely justified :-) [ profile] smiorgan made black pasta*, and it was amazing - the sauce that had been bright tomato-red halfway through cooking was black by the time it reached our plates, and the flavour was... well, indescribable, really. Strong, and a bit fishy, but unlike anything else I've ever eaten, and absolutely delicious.

Eating my lunch today, I kept having to restrain myself from giggling at my black, tentacular food :-)

*Note that this icon is perfectly appropriate, because that recipe does indeed start with "fry an onion and some garlic".
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[ profile] lathany gave me Margaret Atwood, knitting, swimming (not in swimming pools), socialising and cooking risotto... )

If you'd like to play, ask in comments, and I'll tell you five things I associate with you.
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(Part one is here.)

There have been many more trials and tribulations. The boot retailer apparently only answer their phones on alternate days, and ignore all voicemail messages, but are perfectly helpful and friendly on days they will deign to answer the phone. Accordingly, my boots have just been delivered to my office...

So that all ended happily then? Well, um, no. I quite like the boots, but the leather is thin, and feels flimsy. This combined with the single zip makes me worried about their longevity, so I'm going to send them back.

However, in a transparent attempt to stop me whining about my inability to acquire boots, the marvellous [ profile] secretrebel has found me a supplier of The Perfect Boot! The 14-hole, two-zip, purple DMs of my dreams, and of many previous years of happy wear!

I ordered two pairs. Now [cue ominous music] I just have to wait for them to arrive...
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I am trying to buy new boots. I have been trying to buy new boots for a couple of years now, so it's fortunate that my old boots are still going, but they won't go on forever, and the problem is becoming increasingly urgent.

I have other pairs of boots, and indeed of shoes, but my preferred method of keeping my feet warm and dry and not stabbed with sharp things is to cover them with a pair of fourteen-hole DMs with zips (ideally purple ones, but at this point that's looking over-optimistic). So I keep an eye on the ongoing changes to the DM range, with the intention of buying some when ones I like come up. Last year, I bought a pair of black ones with corset-style lacing up the back. They were lovely, but after a week of wear, they were going inside the heel. That was OK, if I replaced them I could get an insole and it would be fine, but in the week I'd had them they had become unavailable, so I swapped for another pair. These were grey, with pretty cut-out bits, but when they arrived the cut out bits looked flimsy, and there was a weird texture effect over part of the boot that was invisible online and looked rubbish in person, so I sent them back.

This week, I found another pair I liked... )

So I've no idea if this pair of boots will even reach me, let alone turn out to be The Right Boots. On Monday, I'll call the retailer and shout at them until they let me change the delivery address to my office, and hope that when the boots arrive they're worth it.

And in the meantime, if you see a pair of 14-hole purple DMs with zips, in a size 6 or 6.5, buy them for me? I'll pay you back.
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I've been vaguely using LJ as an RSS feed reader for ages, but have just started moving over to Google Reader, and am trying to impose some order on the non-LJ stuff I'm reading. And part of 'imposing order' means gathering up new and exciting stuff to read.

So! Please recommend me some feeds! What's the best non-LJ blog you read? What do you think everyone [who is/does x] should read? What's your favourite web comic? Do you have your very own non-LJ blog?

Thanks :-)
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And I am wearing purple socks, as I have done in intermittent bursts since high school (worn them specifically on Fridays, that is. I've never stopped wearing them in general). What colour are your socks (or tights, stockings, etc) today? )


Nov. 24th, 2008 05:09 pm
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I just had my first carol singers (two teenagers in Father Christmas outfits singing "We wish you a merry Christmas").

I shouted "It's November!" at them, and they said "OK" and went away.
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I might, possibly, find myself in a place surrounded by an incredible abundance of crafting*-related shiny this weekend. If you've been in my library recently** you'll know that I already own a reasonable abundance of crafting-related shiny, so in order for there still to be room for the books, I need to exercise some restraint.

My current working theory to guide my purchasing decisions is this:

  1. Unspun fibre is the main thing I'm interested in, but only interesting dye-jobs or cheapness are worth considering. Plain colours and ordinary prices can be got from the internet.
  2. I am in the market for one book each on spinning and weaving (quantities not to be extended in the case of very good books; if necessary I will make a note to facilitate later internet purchase).
  3. I broke one of my spindles, so buying another is just normal replacement purchasing, and can be elevated to upgrade as well if the replacement is a different weight from my remaining one. I may not buy more than one unless the first one seems to be the ultimate perfect spindle***, but is shown to be an imposter by a later find.
  4. I do not need any yarn.
  5. No, really. No yarn. Except sock yarn if it's particularly beautiful and either cheap or not to be found on the internet. And burgundy scarf yarn, if such a thing exists.
  6. I do not believe any set of rules can cover all eventualities, so the general principle is this: immediate gratification can be had for not available in stores on the internet offers if I'm really sure about them. Otherwise I must wait, and buy it online if I still want it a few days later, at which point my lack of tuits will make up for some of the lack of willpower.

Wish me luck ;-)

*My crafts are mostly knitting and spinning, but I dabble in sewing, felting and dyeing, and I'm about to branch out into weaving.
**OK, also if you know me, even a little bit.
***Purple is probably sufficient, but not necessarily necessary ;-)

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[ profile] smiorgan and I have just returned from a week in Cumbria (of which perhaps more later), and for the long drive up, the many drives around, and the long drive back down again, we purchased some audio books on CD. We're unlikely to relisten to them, and will want more for the next time, so (this might be a long shot) does anyone else buy audio books and would be interested in some swapping?

The ones we have are:

  • Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge
  • Lord Edgeware Dies by Agatha Christie
  • Uniform Justice by Donna Leon

This selection is much more random than it looks, because the choice in motorway services is very limited, and we were lucky. We're not terribly fussy about what we swap for, although detective fiction is particularly good for long car journeys for some reason.

I'm happy to swap by post (in the UK), so don't feel excluded if you don't live in Oxford ;-)

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Being able to walk ten unobstructed paces and go straight into a room with a dry floor, ample loo roll, a clean seat and no visible cesspit.

Back from Reading Festival. Tired now :-)
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...the first is 'happy', which is the reason I used it in my last post. The second is 'swimming', which is why I am using it in this one. Although, as you might have noticed, 'swimming' automatically equals 'happy' if you're me :-)

I've just returned from another river swim (with [ profile] pepper_field), my third in a week, and I've another planned for tomorrow. I don't like the hot weather at all, but the prospect of cool river water in the evening makes the heat of the day slightly more bearable :-)

Thank you all for the kind words about my nomination. It still hasn't quite sunk in!

Um. Wow.

Jul. 30th, 2008 09:22 am
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I haven't mentioned my degree result, because I'm kinda shy about it, although people ask sometimes. I'm mentioning it now because I've just had an email from my dissertation supervisor telling me that he's nominated me for an award which is given to the best dissertation in the school written by a student who gets a first overall. He's at pains to point out that the competition will be stiff - I'll be up against the best dissertations in each of the other fields the school offers (I think there are five in total, although it's a bit hard to tell) but if I win there's a medium-sized cash prize, and even the nomination is a nice thing to be able to put on any theoretical graduate study applications I might be thinking of making!

I'm not less shy about it, by the way, I'm just, well, a bit gob-smacked. Telling the news makes it more real :-)
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I have been living here for thirteen years, complaining about how far away we are from the sea, and I'm only just starting to realise that we've got quite a lot of river, and some of it is swimmable.

This afternoon, as part of a colleague's leaving do, I went on a walking tour of Oxford, and then back to said colleague's house for some eating and drinking. Her house faces the river (we were picnicing on the grass right beside the water), it was hot, and we'd done quite a lot of walking. I didn't have my swimsuit with me, but I quickly decided I was prepared to swim in my shirt and pants*, so while my colleagues drank beer and ate pringles on the bank, I swam in a little bit of the Thames alongside the riverboats :-)

*Speakers of American English: I mean underpants.
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Regularly means 'occurring at standard intervals'. Frequently means 'occurring often'. They are not synonyms.

I've just been on a work away day. 'Regular meetings' are only a cure for communication problems if they are also frequent, damnit.
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It's possible the unverse was paying too much attention to me rhapsodising about swimming in the lake last week, since it's now made two attempts to recreate the experience now I'm back at home and work.

Yesterday, just as I was about to cycle to an appointment, it started to hail. I had no car, there are no buses that cover the route, and it was even too late for me to change my mind and walk (with umbrella, therefore less wet, even if much slower). I probably wouldn't have walked anyway, but I would have liked the choice.

This morning at work, just as I had observed that it was late enough for the campus shop to be open so I could go and buy milk so I could have cereal for breakfast, we heard the sound of running water in the office. Investigation revealed heavy rain directly over some shelves filled with paper files, and an assortment of electronic equipment on the desk below. Heavy, smelly rain, from the three floors of currently-empty student accomodation above. I managed to rescue the files from the worst of the deluge, but got drenched myself. Breakfast was further delayed by the need to go home for a shower and some clean clothes, although at least I was able to remove some of the discomfort of the journey by fashioning a makeshift skirt from my wrap, so I didn't have to sit in the car in my dripping wet original skirt.

Breakfast was delayed even more by my realisation that although I've got milk at home, there's no cereal. I gave up, and bought a flapjack when I got back to work. Roll on lunchtime.


Jun. 8th, 2008 07:50 pm
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Just back from a holiday where I met lots of lovely new people, played several role playing games, ) swam in the lake six times, ) did lots of knitting, ) watched some Buffy ) and, ahem, rolled up rather a lot of the world. )

Holidays are great :-)


May. 6th, 2008 01:55 pm
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Someone in the finance department of the institution I work for always finishes his phone calls with 'bless you'. I just took a message from him for an officemate, and received his blessings along with his thanks, and thus was born a poll:

[Poll #1183424]

How I feel about blessings )
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...I am tentatively declaring the beast slain. I've made PDFs (so as to preserve my pretty not-on-the-PC font), emailed a massive zip file to every email address I've got, backed up onto large and small portable hard drives, and am hoping to print out, bind and submit tomorrow. I'd cheer but I don't quite believe that it's done.

Maybe it's a good thing that it turns out I can't do my first-practical-choice* masters this year. Maybe I could do with a rest.

*Actual first choice is sadly not an option unless someone wants to pay me my salary for not working :-(

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