Jul. 19th, 2005 09:33 am
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Last night, after an enjoyable evening watching Dangerous Liasons with [ profile] leathellin and [ profile] metame (I've seen it lots of times, and I was still laughing almost all the way through. Next time someone asks one of those favourite film questions, remind me that DL deserves a place on the longlist?), I was checking LJ and Patchwork before bed, when my puter suddenly became as dead as a dead thing. Checked the battery - more than a quarter charged. Tried to turn it on - nothing. Left it overnight - nothing, although it was still warm. Argh!

I did buy the extended guarantee, so it's not a complete catastrophe, but assuming it doesn't spontaneously start working again this evening, it'll mean being without my beloved puter for some time while it's fixed/replaced. And part of my mind is occupied in trying to decide whether I'd prefer it to be fixed (leaving my data, settings and apps intact) or replaced (losing the aforementioned, but getting both a hardware and an OS upgrade)...

No. I'm mourning, not coveting. Honest.

Sin City

Jun. 8th, 2005 09:45 am
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I think that's the first time I've walked out of a cinema during a film and not gone back. I made it as far as spoiler; nasty ) before deciding that, no, I really wasn't enjoying this, and the gorgeous design in no way made up for the content. This morning I still have a nasty taste in my brain.

I'm trying to work out how Sin City's relentless, vicious violence is worse than that of Kill Bill, which I liked. It may be something to do with the constant nudity and helplessness of all the women and the fact that even the one woman [in the part I saw] who stood up for herself ended up knocked unconscious by the hero 'for her own protection'; it may be something to do with the fact that none of the characters seemed in any way human or real. It may be simply that the section I saw contained several vignettes which were insufficiently linked and none of which made me care what happened next. Which is a shame, 'cos I usually like the interlinked vignette form.

But on the upside, the film may have distracted me from the lure of a permanent account and 100 icons and therefore saved me $150. The fact that the upside of Sin City is that I've got 50 icons less than I might have is probably as big an indicator of my opinion as the fact that I walked out.
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I may be missing the release of Serenity in the States by about a fortnight, but at least I have a River icon. It's a tiny consolation.
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I'm trying to drag myself out of the 'it's cold and dark and I don't want to move any further than the distance between my sofa and my bed' mood I've been in for what feels like forever. And - who'd've thought it? - having fun turns out to be, well, fun!

Oh, so many fun things I've done in the last couple of days! )
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The weekend has been action-packed. On Friday, [ profile] smiorgan and I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban. )

On Saturday, I drove into London to collect [ profile] kauket for another bridesmaid dress fitting, with a minor incident on the motorway on the way )

I took [ profile] kauket to Luton for her dress fitting, and then she, [ profile] blondeccgirl and I went up to Milton Keynes in search of underwear and shoes to wear to the wedding. )

On arrival back in Oxford, [ profile] kauket and I met up with [ profile] smiorgan and [ profile] onebyone, to talk about wedding music. )

And then on Sunday, in the pouring rain, we went into London to see the Chilis play Hyde Park. )

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