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I think my computer may be becoming sentient. Looking at the BBC News home page just now, I noticed this link: Lib Dems' prescriptions pledge, which naturally interested me after last week's ranting. Clearly it interested my computer as well, since it was a visited link. My computer is worrying about me! Isn't that sweet?

Anyway. The BBC article says that the Lib Dems are proposing* to increase the numbers of chronic illnesses which attract free prescriptions, although it doesn't say whether asthma is included. The press release on the Lib Dems' website does include asthma, but it also says that the government makes a profit on inhalers for asthmatics. Which is a phrase that makes me furious just to read it.

*The BBC implies that 'proposing' means they're making it part of their election manifesto, whereas the Lib Dem website says they're presenting a bill. My understanding of the way these things work is horribly imperfect, but presumably the latter implies a far greater chance of it actually happening?

ETA: [ profile] onebyone points out that the Lib Dem press release I found is over two years old. D'oh.
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About four years ago, I had a series of asthma attacks which ended with a few days in hospital, and a lot of meetings with doctors to discuss different medicines.

Since then, my asthma's been stable, so although I've seen doctors for other things in the meantime, no one's looked at my asthma. The surgery I go to has been getting increasingly insistent that I have to see the asthma nurse for a checkup, so I finally gave in and went yesterday.

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Aug. 16th, 2004 06:11 pm
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Last week's trip to the dentist was fine. No work required, no problems, nice dentist, nurse also about to get married (there was a certain amount of bonding over being fed up with the whole thing and just wanting it to be over now ;-), hardly any money at all. All that I needed to do was come back in a week for a cleaning.

I went today. I'm still not scared of dentists, but I now understand a little more why some people are.

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There's a whole bunch of stuff preying on my mind, as you might expect. Things to do, things to mentally assimilate, decisions to make, still, and so on.

But today, the thing that's mostly preying on my mind is that I have a dental appointment at 4 pm. I haven't been to the dentist since I was a teenager, when the practice I had been attending closed and transferred its books to another practice on the other side of town. I never quite got round to going there.

I'm not scared of dentists. Not really. Not in the grand scheme of things. I worked with dentists for several years, writing reports about the way their practices operated, sitting in on other people's appointments, eavesdropping at reception, advising on fee structures, patient communications and all that sort of stuff. I know what goes on, I've heard horror stories, and I've seen good practice. I've visited more dental practices than I can remember. So I'm not scared.

But I haven't been for a long time. There was nothing wrong with my teeth when I was a child, and the most dental work I've had done before was the removal of one tooth, for reasons I can't remember. I brush my teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush, I mostly drink water and my teeth don't hurt. But.
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My weekend was defined by water.

I spent most of Saturday in search of a large body of salt water in which to immerse myself. The water we found in the end was technically estuary rather than sea, and sadly lacking in waves, but was at least salty. If also slightly grim and grotty.

On Sunday, less intentionally, I poured boiling water over my left hand, and, more intentionally, spent several subsequent hours holding my hand under taps, in bags of ice and bowls of water in a (mostly vain at the time) effort to stop it hurting. Now it's only my thumb that still hurts, in a paradoxical numb-but-sore way.

Other news: in six weeks time, it'll all be over.


Jul. 26th, 2004 06:05 pm
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Sorry. The last entry wasn't supposed to be in here, it was supposed to be in [ profile] hurtyhead, my headache diary (no point going to read, all the entries are locked. Not to mention very dull). Head hurts. Brain not working. Thanks for the sympathy, though ;-)

Normal service will be resumed soon.

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