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Nov. 19th, 2010 11:54 am
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I've just noticed that the icon I use to actually represent me (as opposed to representing the subject I'm writing about) was wildly out of date. So because obviously there's nothing more important I should be doing, here is the new short-haired, colour-wearing, silver-coloured-laptop-using me :-)

ION, it turns out the beginning of the PhD feels vague and unfocused and unproductive to (almost) everyone, and not just me. Although wasting time making LJ icons instead of writing stuff to go in my registration form* or editing a journal submission, or reading something relevant, probably doesn't help. Back to the grindstone...

*Registration: a new hoop to jump through after application, and before transfer-from-MPhil. I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to accomplish, which might explain why I'm taking so long over it.
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I don't much care about Harry Potter. I read the first four; they were OK. I gave up on the fifth 'cos it wasn't, and I'm not planning to read the sixth. The films are good fun, though.

What I do like is stuff in the style of other stuff. And I'm rather fond of the Powerpuff girls, so I love [ profile] potterpuffs, which I've only just discovered. Of course, judging by the length of the user's flist, I'm probably the last person to notice, but just in case any of you are even more behind the times than I am (and cos I know there's at least one HP fan on my flist), I'm sharing. Enjoy ;-)

(Also, GIP. I made this with the Powerpuff girl generator ages ago, and it ended up being part of the inspiration behind my Patchwork character, Abigail.)
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I may be missing the release of Serenity in the States by about a fortnight, but at least I have a River icon. It's a tiny consolation.
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I actually dyed my hair yesterday, and it was a hairdresser, not me, who did the actual dying, but this icon is so ridiculously specific that I hardly get to use it anyway. So. GIP! (I see no reason GIP can't apply to posts made solely for the purpose of using an old icon.)

Thanks for the suggestions and comments yesterday - all very helpful. Actual poll will be forthcoming...
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So, I had an entry percolating in my brain about my course this term semester ('Communication and Technology'), and all of the things it's teaching me that I already know (I learnt how to make a web page a couple of weeks ago), and how much I'm looking forward to using a virtual learning environment, and the possibility of using LJ as subject matter for an essay. And then there's the CSS that is eating my life, entering my dreams, and tying my brain in knots (in an enjoyable way) (see [ profile] secretrebel's recent post).

But what's currently foremost in my brain is that I was in a car accident a couple of hours ago. All damage was to cars, not people; the other person admitted it was her fault (and I hope she continues to do so when talking to her insurance company), and my car is probably still driveable. But I'm shaky and lacking concentration even more than usual, and hoping that my various weekend plans* aren't all completely wrecked by either my unwillingness to drive, or the state of the car.

(*[ profile] lathany, I've emailed you.)

PS: new icon! Apparently all the cool kids have shoe icons these days. And I keep making shoe comments, and bemoaning the lack of a relevant icon, so I made this last night in between lecturing [ profile] secretrebel about CSS.
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How can I resist an iconny meme sheep whatchamacallit?

Gacked from [ profile] lanfykins: tell me which of my icons you like best, and I'll tell you which I like best of yours.
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The long-discussed LJ picture hosting site is now available to paid users, so this was going to be a picture entry about my weekend, but going to look at the site just now all my pictures are coming up as broken images, so it's not.

In the meantime, I shall say "GIP!" [1], and also "Ten!" [2], and then I shall get back to work.

[1] No prizes for guessing what the icon is ;-)
[2] In the spirit of a countdown.

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