Apr. 12th, 2007 10:38 pm
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I have just finished my first proper knitted-to-a-pattern lace socks. Hoorah!

Baudelaire purple lace socks

Sock-knitting is widely reputed to be addictive; it's possible I have succumbed: I'm plotting which pattern to make next (space invader socks! How cool is that?!), and which of many gorgeous available sock yarns I should buy...
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At long last, I am able to return to my rightful place at the head of the Purple Sock Friday cult. After many long months of being unable to find any purple socks, not even for ready money, I struck gold in John Lewis in Milton Keynes yesterday! To make up for the terrible time when I was unable to make my observances, these socks are two colours of purple (stripy) and over-the-knee, so even more purple sockage per Friday. Hoorah!

Thanks for the sympathy about my absence of wisdom tooth the other day - it's much better now, and last night I made my first foray into not-soft food, at [ profile] blondeccgirl's birthday dinner. The highlight of the soft food period was being unable to eat any of the lunch provided at the course I was on (Introduction to PHP) on Wednesday, so I had to go to G&D's* for icecream and a smoothie for lunch ;-)

*George & Davis, Oxford's 'famous' ice cream cafe. No, not a cafe made of ice cream.

In knitting news, I've finished my Rogue cardigan, and am very pleased with myself. And while buying socks in John Lewis I seem to also have bought yarn, most of which is not yet earmarked for a pattern. I like the pure potential of the yarn before I've decided what to do with it - it could still be anything (well, anything made of fine and fluffy dark red silk-and-mohair and/or dark grey merino aran. Ooh, there's a thought: "and"...). What I should have bought is scarf yarn for [ profile] secondhand_rick, but they didn't have any of the right sort.
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Frog, verb. To unravel a piece of knitting. From rip (same meaning), via "rip it" and "ribbet".

How cool is that as an etymology?

(No, this isn't new knowledge for me, but I've just decided I have to frog my silly purple hat so I can reknit it smaller, and I'm reminded that I think the word is cool enough to share.)
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I knit. [ profile] smiorgan plays Metroid Prime. The new Knitty offers us a cardigan inspired by the protagonist of said game. From the introductory blurb:
One of the latest additions to my video game fanatic husband's collection was a Metroid game, starring a futuristic orange-armored warrior heroine named Samus Aran. I immediately thought of this in a knitting context and wondered what sort of Aran sweater Samus might wear when she's not saving the world from evil.

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