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At long last, I am able to return to my rightful place at the head of the Purple Sock Friday cult. After many long months of being unable to find any purple socks, not even for ready money, I struck gold in John Lewis in Milton Keynes yesterday! To make up for the terrible time when I was unable to make my observances, these socks are two colours of purple (stripy) and over-the-knee, so even more purple sockage per Friday. Hoorah!

Thanks for the sympathy about my absence of wisdom tooth the other day - it's much better now, and last night I made my first foray into not-soft food, at [ profile] blondeccgirl's birthday dinner. The highlight of the soft food period was being unable to eat any of the lunch provided at the course I was on (Introduction to PHP) on Wednesday, so I had to go to G&D's* for icecream and a smoothie for lunch ;-)

*George & Davis, Oxford's 'famous' ice cream cafe. No, not a cafe made of ice cream.

In knitting news, I've finished my Rogue cardigan, and am very pleased with myself. And while buying socks in John Lewis I seem to also have bought yarn, most of which is not yet earmarked for a pattern. I like the pure potential of the yarn before I've decided what to do with it - it could still be anything (well, anything made of fine and fluffy dark red silk-and-mohair and/or dark grey merino aran. Ooh, there's a thought: "and"...). What I should have bought is scarf yarn for [ profile] secondhand_rick, but they didn't have any of the right sort.
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Frog, verb. To unravel a piece of knitting. From rip (same meaning), via "rip it" and "ribbet".

How cool is that as an etymology?

(No, this isn't new knowledge for me, but I've just decided I have to frog my silly purple hat so I can reknit it smaller, and I'm reminded that I think the word is cool enough to share.)
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How does one authorise credit card transactions in the US - is it signature or PIN? If it's PIN, and you don't know the relevant number, does that render the card useless, or is there a way around it?

And while I'm posting, happy birthday to the five million people on my flist who have birthdays today! (That's [ profile] undyingking, [ profile] kesstrel and [ profile] marnameow, I think. And happy birthday [ profile] killalla for yesterday. Edit: and [ profile] condign and [ profile] cuthbertcross! Wow, that's a big clump o'birthdays ;-)


Jul. 11th, 2005 10:21 am
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There's a phone call I need to make this morning. I've made about ten attempts at it now, of which about seven resulted in an engaged tone, and the other three resulted in the phone just ringing out. How is it possible to be engaged one moment and unanswered the next in an office where taking phone calls is part of the job? Grrrr.
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Hanging behind my desk I have a rather lovely Emily the Strange calendar. It's there because it's pretty, and because I occasionally need to check things like what the date will be two weeks from Tuesday.

It has only just occured to me that another use for such a device is to use the blank spaces attached to each date to write down things like meetings and appointments. And it only occured to me at all because I overheard someone on the other side of the room mention writing something down in his calendar.


Dec. 7th, 2004 05:35 pm
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Microsoft Word's thesaurus (yeah, yeah, I know) thinks 'insight' means 'nearby'. Grrr.


Oct. 28th, 2004 11:17 am
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Talking of things I did back in August... as well as trying to document the music my head plays at me, I bought a lovely pair of red boots. Without really thinking about the practicalities of footwear in a city where you can't avoid doing lots of walking, I took them to Venice, because they were new, and I'd hardly worn them. I was lucky. They were tremendously comfortable, and although my feet were sometimes sore, I avoided blisters entirely.

Yesterday, I noticed that my lovely boots both have seriously split soles. I checked my wallet, and I still have the receipt - I bought them for fifty quid on 31 August. My immediate thought is, Venice or not, I expect fifty quid boots to last longer than two months.

The Citizens Advice Bureau says that goods should:

  • be of satisfactory quality. This means that the goods should be of the quality that a reasonable person would expect given the description, price and any other relevant circumstances.
  • be fit for the purpose. This means that you must be able to use them for the purposes that you would normally expect from this type of product

But that the trader isn't responsible if:

  • you have damaged the goods yourself
  • the problem is the result of normal wear and tear
  • the goods have lasted for as long as could reasonably be expected.
Is split soles after two months of wear 'normal wear and tear'? Am I going to be laughed out of the shop when I go in later for a refund or replacement? Does the fact that I wore them for two weeks walking around Venice (which I'm not going to tell the guy in the shop) count as 'damaging them myself'? Would you go back and complain, or would you just shrug, try and fix them with glue, and/or just shell out for a new pair of boots?
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I have a hairdressing appointment this afternoon. It needs cutting anyway, and I'm probably going to get it dyed, too. The original intention was to go back to scarlet, but I'm surprised to find that I rather like my current approximately-natural dark brown, even though I've spent the last ten years avoiding it, and only returned to it because my wedding dress was red and I was worried about clashing. But I also remember how much I loved having scarlet hair. And having just given people a reason to accuse me of being sensible and grownup, I like the idea of proving that I'm not ;-)

[Poll #359265]
Disclaimer: I make no promise to abide by the results of the poll ;-) Especially if you all start saying things like "Other: green".

ETA: I should state that I don't need to have sensible-coloured hair for work purposes. In case that wasn't already obvious ;-)
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I came to a rather surprising conclusion yesterday.

Rambling which will eventually tell you what the conclusion is )
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My uncle emigrated to Australia when my mother was about nineteen, and visited here for the first time only a few years ago. Somehow, separated by half a world, and several years apart, they each managed to produce and raise one of two identical girls.

My cousin Jenny is about four years younger than me. We've never met, although we corresponded briefly when I was about 18. Even 'briefly' is something of an overstatement. We each wrote no more than two letters. It may only have been one. Throughout our childhoods, the only person we both knew was our mutual grandmother, who had little influence on me, and can hardly have been more influential on my cousin who she saw for six weeks every three years or so. Nevertheless, when I first met Jenny's mother, my aunt-by-marriage, she couldn't stop remarking on the similarity between us. We apparently share mannerisms, speech patters, interests, habits, traits. We work in almost identical fields. We even look alike (but her eyes are brown where mine are blue), although that's less surprising.

My uncle and aunt are just finishing their first trip here together. When they get home, they will be telling Jenny about her cousin Liz, and the great similarity between us. When Jenny next lifts herself up on the arms of her chair to enable her to cross her legs and tuck her bare feet under herself, her mother will tell her that she saw me doing the same thing in England.

I have an other self who I've never met, and it's a strange thought.

(The 'current music' is a typo that I'm letting stand because it's funny, and arguably more accurate ;-)
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The file server is down, but the internet is up!

Does anyone want to tell me a story? Or suggest a game? Or direct me to an interesting article? Or tell me about a fun (work-safe) website to play with? Or, y'know, anything else vaguely distracting? Please?


Jun. 24th, 2004 04:07 pm
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I just clicked this link: Girls beat boys in infant classes on the BBC home page. I was expecting it to be an article about girls being given rulers and told by the teacher to use them to hit unruly boys. But, as you'll have realised by now if you've clicked, it's an article about girls doing better than boys at infant school level.

Did I imagine the girls-hitting-boys-with-rulers story? I thought I remembered it from earlier in the week, but now I think maybe I dreamt it...

Tea, Kay?

Jun. 24th, 2004 02:58 pm
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[ profile] typomatic used to claim to be able to use telekinesis. This took the form of pointing at the thing he wanted moved and saying 'TK' over and over again until someone got fed up and passed him the thing.

The girl who sits opposite me at work is called Kay. It's far from uncommon for someone to be doing a hot drink run, and to wander up to her desk and ask 'Tea, Kay?'
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There's a little blue Fiat that lives at least part of its life in the sidestreet opposite my house where my own car lives. The reason this puzzles me is that I often pass it coming the other way when I'm driving to work. I work in a village in the middle of nowhere with no night-time employment I can think of, and there's no day-time employment visibly available in my local sidestreet. I suppose the Fiat's owner is either having a relationship with someone in my work-village and living in my sidestreet, or vice versa, but I can't help being tempted to write a polite inquiring note and tuck it behind the Fiat's windscreen wipers to ask.

There's a dark red BMW with the number plate 'LAZIO 88' which shares part of my route to work. I recognise 'Lazio' as the name of a football team, and assume '88' means '1988', but what happened then? Is the driver a Lazio fan, and that was the year they won the <mumble> cup? Is he a Lazio hater, and that was the year they suffered crushing defeat at the hands of his preferred team?

There's a middle-aged man in the village who walks his small daughter to school every day. He's short and grumpy and reminds me of my dad, in a way I find rather sweet. He carries his daughter's brightly-coloured rucksack for her.

There's an elderly man with a tiny white terrier dog, who lives just round the corner from where I work. Whether I get into work at eight or half past, he's always walking his dog on the grass verge. Today, in the rain, the dog was wearing a little coat.

I enjoy my journey to work. I like recognising fellow-travellers and watching the progress of the fields and gardens I pass. It's poppy season at the moment, has been for weeks. It started with the little wild red poppies, just a few, scattered on the verges. Then, as their numbers started to increase, the big bright pink cultivated ones appeared. Now there are complicated multi-petal poppies in lots of shades of pink and lilac and red mixed in with the simpler ones. Their flowers look almost like roses.

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Remember that me filling in my address after receiving an email telling me I'd won a prize incident? Today my prize arrived. So it was real :-P

In other news, [ profile] cuthbertcross and [ profile] dr_bob are now safely married off (to each other), and it was glorious. And what do people who were on my table at dinner think about darth_bertie for a potential LJ username?

Oh, and in other, other news, we now have wedding invitations, and apparently I did manage to spell both of our names right ;-)

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