Aug. 1st, 2005 04:20 pm
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[ profile] kauket, I hate you.

([ profile] triskellian's head sings: something out of bed and something in the kitchen and then something about cups of ambition and god I hate this song but I can't stop singing it to myself and it's All. Her. Fault.)
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I'm just finishing reading The Time Traveller's Wife, and last night I dreamt about time travel. I don't remember the details of the dream at all, but it's left me with "Hazy shade of winter" in my head all day. It's a song I'm not aware of having heard for years, but somehow my subconscious made the connection between the lyrics and the story and the fit seems so good* that I'm recording it here.

Lyrics behind the cut )

*No, the fit's not good enough to count as spoilers for the book ;-)
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A colleague wandered into the room singing 'Hotel California' to himself. No big deal, I quite like the song, and don't much object to the fact that it's now stuck in my head. What weirded me out about half an hour later was to realise that the version playing in my head wasn't the Eagles at all, but the Gipsy Kings' cover version from the soundtrack of The Big Lebowski.

A few months back, inspired by a BBC story (which I've just failed to track down for linkage) about a journalist trying to record every thought that crossed his mind over the course of a day (his conclusion: it's a bit of a waste of time really), and by [ profile] several_bees' attempt to do something similar (her conclusion: it's a bit of a waste of time really), I decided to record all the songs my internal radio played at me, and try to work out where they came from.

I got distracted, and never actually did it, but I do have, sitting in various email folders, messages to and from myself listing songs, some followed by things like 'heard playing in shop' or 'subject line of a post on so-and-so's LJ', and some followed by things like 'wtf?' or 'strange, haven't heard this for years'. I continue to be frequently perplexed by the songs it presents me with.

Does anyone else have a song stuck in their head right now? What is it, and can you track down where it came from?

[Edit: having chosen the icon to use for this post, the new user interface shows me the icon, and from the tiny bit of lyric visible, I remember the song, and that's now replaced 'Hotel California' in my head. It's 'Happy Phantom' by Tori Amos]
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[ profile] smiorgan has lent me some CDs of wordless ambient music to play at work (on headphones of course, because playing music on speakers in an open-plan office is evil), to minimise the amount of time I spend in a simmering rage with my colleagues because they dare to talk to each other while I'm editing.

It's working, but it's having a strange effect on my perception of the world around me. The best way I can come up with of describing it is that it's like being in a film, with mood music as the background soundtrack. Mostly it's gentle, swooping, soothing music, which is having a wonderful effect on my usually irritable and sarcastic self, but occasionally it turns slightly more sinister and/or dramatic, and coupled with the large skyscape outside my window makes me think I might be in an eerie arthouse film, where the threat is never entirely clear, and the problem never entirely resolved. When I turn the music off, the world seems too quiet.
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The weekend has been action-packed. On Friday, [ profile] smiorgan and I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban. )

On Saturday, I drove into London to collect [ profile] kauket for another bridesmaid dress fitting, with a minor incident on the motorway on the way )

I took [ profile] kauket to Luton for her dress fitting, and then she, [ profile] blondeccgirl and I went up to Milton Keynes in search of underwear and shoes to wear to the wedding. )

On arrival back in Oxford, [ profile] kauket and I met up with [ profile] smiorgan and [ profile] onebyone, to talk about wedding music. )

And then on Sunday, in the pouring rain, we went into London to see the Chilis play Hyde Park. )

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