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I think my computer may be becoming sentient. Looking at the BBC News home page just now, I noticed this link: Lib Dems' prescriptions pledge, which naturally interested me after last week's ranting. Clearly it interested my computer as well, since it was a visited link. My computer is worrying about me! Isn't that sweet?

Anyway. The BBC article says that the Lib Dems are proposing* to increase the numbers of chronic illnesses which attract free prescriptions, although it doesn't say whether asthma is included. The press release on the Lib Dems' website does include asthma, but it also says that the government makes a profit on inhalers for asthmatics. Which is a phrase that makes me furious just to read it.

*The BBC implies that 'proposing' means they're making it part of their election manifesto, whereas the Lib Dem website says they're presenting a bill. My understanding of the way these things work is horribly imperfect, but presumably the latter implies a far greater chance of it actually happening?

ETA: [ profile] onebyone points out that the Lib Dem press release I found is over two years old. D'oh.

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