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(This entry probably entirely meaningless to anyone who isn't aware of or didn't participate in this discussion in [ profile] bateleur's LJ.)

[ profile] smiorgan and I have today received in the post two playing cards, one with my first initial on the back and one with his first initial on the back, both with two or three other letters on the front. Letters that might be part of words...

His is the Ace of Hearts, and the letters on the front are "EN"; mine is the Queen of Diamonds, and the letters are "EEK". Both are written on 'right way up'. Anyone else want to share?
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I'm trying to drag myself out of the 'it's cold and dark and I don't want to move any further than the distance between my sofa and my bed' mood I've been in for what feels like forever. And - who'd've thought it? - having fun turns out to be, well, fun!

Oh, so many fun things I've done in the last couple of days! )
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So, I had an entry percolating in my brain about my course this term semester ('Communication and Technology'), and all of the things it's teaching me that I already know (I learnt how to make a web page a couple of weeks ago), and how much I'm looking forward to using a virtual learning environment, and the possibility of using LJ as subject matter for an essay. And then there's the CSS that is eating my life, entering my dreams, and tying my brain in knots (in an enjoyable way) (see [ profile] secretrebel's recent post).

But what's currently foremost in my brain is that I was in a car accident a couple of hours ago. All damage was to cars, not people; the other person admitted it was her fault (and I hope she continues to do so when talking to her insurance company), and my car is probably still driveable. But I'm shaky and lacking concentration even more than usual, and hoping that my various weekend plans* aren't all completely wrecked by either my unwillingness to drive, or the state of the car.

(*[ profile] lathany, I've emailed you.)

PS: new icon! Apparently all the cool kids have shoe icons these days. And I keep making shoe comments, and bemoaning the lack of a relevant icon, so I made this last night in between lecturing [ profile] secretrebel about CSS.
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I throw 'favourites' about with wild abandon. I can often be heard claiming all sorts of things as 'one of my favourite things'. So, in my own personal example of the dilution of the language, I no longer seem to have adequate words to describe how I was feeling at about 5pm on Sunday )
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The weekend has been action-packed. On Friday, [ profile] smiorgan and I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban. )

On Saturday, I drove into London to collect [ profile] kauket for another bridesmaid dress fitting, with a minor incident on the motorway on the way )

I took [ profile] kauket to Luton for her dress fitting, and then she, [ profile] blondeccgirl and I went up to Milton Keynes in search of underwear and shoes to wear to the wedding. )

On arrival back in Oxford, [ profile] kauket and I met up with [ profile] smiorgan and [ profile] onebyone, to talk about wedding music. )

And then on Sunday, in the pouring rain, we went into London to see the Chilis play Hyde Park. )
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Remember that me filling in my address after receiving an email telling me I'd won a prize incident? Today my prize arrived. So it was real :-P

In other news, [ profile] cuthbertcross and [ profile] dr_bob are now safely married off (to each other), and it was glorious. And what do people who were on my table at dinner think about darth_bertie for a potential LJ username?

Oh, and in other, other news, we now have wedding invitations, and apparently I did manage to spell both of our names right ;-)

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