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  • Taking lecture notes on my eeeeee is better than taking pen-and-paper notes because:
    • My hand doesn't hurt afterwards
    • I take more notes
    • The notes I take are better
    • I'm more inclined to go through them and clean them up afterwards, because:
      • It is possible to clean them up without having to completely rewrite them
    • Cleaning them up means I reread them
    • Rereading them means I'm more likely to understand and remember them
    • I can be certain I'll be able to read them in the future
  • Also some stuff about Mary Wollstonecraft, John Stuart Mill* and Sojourner Truth, and the political situation they were operating in.
  • *...of his own free will, on half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.


    Apr. 25th, 2009 07:42 pm
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    This entry posted from the eeeeeee, running eeebuntu :-) Next up: seeing if it works with the wireless at work...

    How it was done )
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    This evening I spurned a very tempting social invitation to stay home and install a new OS on my eeee. Oh how I wish I hadn't...

    Linux: 2 (evenings). Triskellian: 0 (successes) )

    It's possible I'm not cut out for this :-(
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    I have discovered that the eeeeeee with its default installation of Xandros won't work with Eduroam (the wireless system used by universities). No problem, I am assured, it works fine with Ubuntu, and there's an eeeee-specific version with handholdy instructions.

    So I've spent this evening trying to install Ubuntu on my eeeeeee. After some minor tribulations I have managed to boot my Macbook from a Ubuntu CD (which was a weird experience in itself), but failed to run the script that's supposed to make a USB stick into a bootable thing.

    I'm working from these instructions, and it all starts going wrong about the point I'm supposed to be verifying the identity of my USB stick. If I follow the instructions about removing and reinserting the stick, nothing happens. If I just run the script, I get told the directory doesn't exist (and it does, I've checked. It's in exactly the place it's supposed to be AFAICT). Am I missing something? Are there some steps I'm supposed to infer? Can someone write me an even-more handholdy explanation?


    Jul. 19th, 2005 09:33 am
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    Last night, after an enjoyable evening watching Dangerous Liasons with [ profile] leathellin and [ profile] metame (I've seen it lots of times, and I was still laughing almost all the way through. Next time someone asks one of those favourite film questions, remind me that DL deserves a place on the longlist?), I was checking LJ and Patchwork before bed, when my puter suddenly became as dead as a dead thing. Checked the battery - more than a quarter charged. Tried to turn it on - nothing. Left it overnight - nothing, although it was still warm. Argh!

    I did buy the extended guarantee, so it's not a complete catastrophe, but assuming it doesn't spontaneously start working again this evening, it'll mean being without my beloved puter for some time while it's fixed/replaced. And part of my mind is occupied in trying to decide whether I'd prefer it to be fixed (leaving my data, settings and apps intact) or replaced (losing the aforementioned, but getting both a hardware and an OS upgrade)...

    No. I'm mourning, not coveting. Honest.

    It works!

    Dec. 24th, 2004 04:19 pm
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    My DVR finally does everything it's supposed to! Getting the guide data took a while because none of the official documentation told us that NTL doesn't transmit guide data, so we had to dig out our steam-powered aerial cable and plug that in, and hey presto! We have one week's worth of TV guide. And because the DVR is getting its data through the aerial rather than the set top box, we don't even have to remember to tune to a particular channel every now and again. Setting programmes to record is a simple matter of finding the programme in the guide and pressing the red button, and then leaving the DVR to get on with changing the channel on the cable box at the appropriate time. It picks up the programme name and everything. Hurrah!

    [ profile] wimble, you asked what it was: it's a Philips HDRW720, and it's shiny ;-)
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    Through the awesome powers of the interweb, I have discovered a DVR which can control a cable box. It has the same little IR lightbulb thingie as TIVO and everything. And it has a programme guide (not currently functioning because it can take up to 24 hours to appear yadda yadda yadda).
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    Last weekend, [ profile] smiorgan and I bought a shiny new DVD recorder with built in hard drive (like a Tivo, only better in some ways and worse in others). And yea, there was much rejoicing. Until, that is, we started trying to actually use it... )

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