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Lots of people have already written about the wedding, when their memories were fresher than mine is now (and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about the day from other people's point of view), but I'd like to have a written record of some of my recollections...

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Since we're having this brief stop-off at home before heading off to Gatwick tonight, I just want to say that [ profile] smiorgan and I are exhausted, happy, and thoroughly married :-) Thanks so much to everyone who came and celebrated with us - we had a wonderful time!

Everyone who took photos (and was there anyone who didn't?) - we'd be terribly grateful if you'd burn us a CD or get us an extra set of prints (which we'll pay for), and we'll put the 'official' photos up for all to see when we get back.


*I've still got ITEOTWAWKI(AIFF) - the last dance - going round my head. [ profile] kauket and [ profile] onebyone, you did a storming job :-)
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The long-discussed LJ picture hosting site is now available to paid users, so this was going to be a picture entry about my weekend, but going to look at the site just now all my pictures are coming up as broken images, so it's not.

In the meantime, I shall say "GIP!" [1], and also "Ten!" [2], and then I shall get back to work.

[1] No prizes for guessing what the icon is ;-)
[2] In the spirit of a countdown.
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There's a whole bunch of stuff preying on my mind, as you might expect. Things to do, things to mentally assimilate, decisions to make, still, and so on.

But today, the thing that's mostly preying on my mind is that I have a dental appointment at 4 pm. I haven't been to the dentist since I was a teenager, when the practice I had been attending closed and transferred its books to another practice on the other side of town. I never quite got round to going there.

I'm not scared of dentists. Not really. Not in the grand scheme of things. I worked with dentists for several years, writing reports about the way their practices operated, sitting in on other people's appointments, eavesdropping at reception, advising on fee structures, patient communications and all that sort of stuff. I know what goes on, I've heard horror stories, and I've seen good practice. I've visited more dental practices than I can remember. So I'm not scared.

But I haven't been for a long time. There was nothing wrong with my teeth when I was a child, and the most dental work I've had done before was the removal of one tooth, for reasons I can't remember. I brush my teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush, I mostly drink water and my teeth don't hurt. But.
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Apparently, we have to make an appointment to see a registrar about eight weeks before the wedding, to pay our fees, and talk through vows and the like. After about a million years on hold, I get through to someone who takes my name, the wedding date and location, and looks me up.

"You're getting married at three?"
"To Mr L?"

I'm getting married at three, to Mr L! Why do these innocent questions make it feel for a second more real and more exciting than months of preparations and talking have? I'm getting married in less than two months time, at three in the afternoon, to Mr L!

Having confirmed these details, the appointment is made.

"It's with Val"
"Is she the one we'll actually have?

Our registrar is called Val! The person who will be marrying us exists enough to have a name!

I know I'm getting carried away (Heh. Possibly in the 'they're coming to take me away, haha, heehee' sense), but almost all of the stuff we've done so far is effectively window-dressing. It's this legal stuff that actually matters, that is the most important part of the day. At this meeting, with Val, we'll settle on the words we will use to make our legal contract with each other. It's scary and exciting stuff.
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I throw 'favourites' about with wild abandon. I can often be heard claiming all sorts of things as 'one of my favourite things'. So, in my own personal example of the dilution of the language, I no longer seem to have adequate words to describe how I was feeling at about 5pm on Sunday )


Jun. 28th, 2004 09:59 am
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My wedding dress now has a skirt, which M seems to have more or less conjured straight from my imagination. While he was doing that, I was making sample-bodice-number-2, which worked much better than sample-bodice-number-1. Unlike its predecessor, sample 2 is destined to be a garment in its own right, although the stuff I'll add to the bodice to make it into a top will be different from what we'll do with the final wedding dress bodice, so it'll be a different shape as well as a different colour.

We learnt all sorts of useful lessons:

  • Silk dupion is susceptible to water marks (good to learn that now)
  • This bodice, a size smaller than the previous one, is still miles too big. Next size down next time
  • Against all expectations, non-cased boning is easier to work with and produces better results
  • Lining fabric is evil

While we were making them, I'd look up from the pretty-but-not-exciting fabric of the bodice I was making, and catch a glimpse of the Real Dress Fabric M was working with, and have to stop for a moment. The fabric is gorgeous. Just looking at it makes me grin like a maniac. Just thinking about it, too. I desparately want to show it to [ profile] smiorgan, but we agreed he wouldn't see it in progress, so I'll resist the urge.

Next step: shopping in Covent Garden and environs for various bits and pieces of trim and accessory.

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The weekend has been action-packed. On Friday, [ profile] smiorgan and I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban. )

On Saturday, I drove into London to collect [ profile] kauket for another bridesmaid dress fitting, with a minor incident on the motorway on the way )

I took [ profile] kauket to Luton for her dress fitting, and then she, [ profile] blondeccgirl and I went up to Milton Keynes in search of underwear and shoes to wear to the wedding. )

On arrival back in Oxford, [ profile] kauket and I met up with [ profile] smiorgan and [ profile] onebyone, to talk about wedding music. )

And then on Sunday, in the pouring rain, we went into London to see the Chilis play Hyde Park. )
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Remember that me filling in my address after receiving an email telling me I'd won a prize incident? Today my prize arrived. So it was real :-P

In other news, [ profile] cuthbertcross and [ profile] dr_bob are now safely married off (to each other), and it was glorious. And what do people who were on my table at dinner think about darth_bertie for a potential LJ username?

Oh, and in other, other news, we now have wedding invitations, and apparently I did manage to spell both of our names right ;-)
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No, OK, I'm really not. But in the last twenty-four hours I have set events in motion to ensure that:

  1. There will be guests at the wedding
  2. I will have something to wear

The first of those was pretty nerve-wracking: I've sent the invitations to the printers. I read and re-read and re-re-read the text. I got my colleague to read the text. I found and corrected one error. I'm still worried that there's something terribly wrong with them - perhaps I've misspelt my name, or [ profile] smiorgan's. I got my colleague to read the print instructions to make sure I'm being clear about how many copies, what size, how to cut them, what stock to print them on. It's all the worst of my professional anxieties about sending a piece off to print after I've spent a lot of time working on it, combined with all of my personal anxieties about general wedding stuff. <calms down with an effort> But it'll be OK. If there are mistakes, we can just re-print them, and it won't be the end of the world.

The second one was much less stress-inducing. Our next dressmaking session is going to be combined with an evening of watching Buffy. M and I share a love of the show which neither of our partners quite understand, and we horrified his partner by spending an entire previous dressmaking session listening to the soundtrack of 'Once More With Feeling' over and over again, all day.

On top of all that extremely hard work, we've got music, of both the live and recorded varieties, safely palmed off onto some kind and generous volunteers, all of whom we love very much <looks around to check they're taking note of how wonderful we think they are>, and the bridesmaids' dresses are moving along nicely. Only five million and six things left on the 'to do' list now!

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