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(Part one is here.)

There have been many more trials and tribulations. The boot retailer apparently only answer their phones on alternate days, and ignore all voicemail messages, but are perfectly helpful and friendly on days they will deign to answer the phone. Accordingly, my boots have just been delivered to my office...

So that all ended happily then? Well, um, no. I quite like the boots, but the leather is thin, and feels flimsy. This combined with the single zip makes me worried about their longevity, so I'm going to send them back.

However, in a transparent attempt to stop me whining about my inability to acquire boots, the marvellous [ profile] secretrebel has found me a supplier of The Perfect Boot! The 14-hole, two-zip, purple DMs of my dreams, and of many previous years of happy wear!

I ordered two pairs. Now [cue ominous music] I just have to wait for them to arrive...
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I am trying to buy new boots. I have been trying to buy new boots for a couple of years now, so it's fortunate that my old boots are still going, but they won't go on forever, and the problem is becoming increasingly urgent.

I have other pairs of boots, and indeed of shoes, but my preferred method of keeping my feet warm and dry and not stabbed with sharp things is to cover them with a pair of fourteen-hole DMs with zips (ideally purple ones, but at this point that's looking over-optimistic). So I keep an eye on the ongoing changes to the DM range, with the intention of buying some when ones I like come up. Last year, I bought a pair of black ones with corset-style lacing up the back. They were lovely, but after a week of wear, they were going inside the heel. That was OK, if I replaced them I could get an insole and it would be fine, but in the week I'd had them they had become unavailable, so I swapped for another pair. These were grey, with pretty cut-out bits, but when they arrived the cut out bits looked flimsy, and there was a weird texture effect over part of the boot that was invisible online and looked rubbish in person, so I sent them back.

This week, I found another pair I liked... )

So I've no idea if this pair of boots will even reach me, let alone turn out to be The Right Boots. On Monday, I'll call the retailer and shout at them until they let me change the delivery address to my office, and hope that when the boots arrive they're worth it.

And in the meantime, if you see a pair of 14-hole purple DMs with zips, in a size 6 or 6.5, buy them for me? I'll pay you back.

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